sykessmallDuring the August 9th meeting of the Sykesville Town Council, member Leslie Reed resigned. Reed was elected to a four-year term in May 2009. She stated that she resigned for personal reasons, specifically not being able to devote enough time to her position.

The council is currently accepting applications from residents interested in filling the vacant position. Interested persons must send a resume and letter of interest to the town hall, located at 7547 Main Street.

According to the Sykesville Town Charter, the mayor and council have sixty days to fill the position. To be selected, the candidate must receive a majority vote from the remaining council members. If no one applies or receives a majority vote within the time period, then the council may appoint someone.

To be considered for the position, the candidate must have lived in Sykesville for at least one year preceding his appointment, be a registered voter of the town, and maintain a permanent residence in Sykesville for the duration of the term of office.

According to town manager Matt Candland, whoever is selected must also run for re-election in May 2011 and then serve the remainder of Reed’s term, which ends in May 2013.
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