Habib’s Kabob is located at 1720 Liberty Road in Eldersburg MD in the Oklahoma Shopping Center.  Habib’s Kabob offers Persian Middle-Eastern Cuisine.  Upon entering the establishment you enter into the bagel café section where you can order a variety of breakfast and lunch options on a bagel.  The Bagel Café connects to the dining area.  In this room, there is a counter where you order the Middle-Eastern cuisine.  We waited a few minutes to be greeted and we were asked to continue to wait for the person who would take our order.  We ordered a variety of Kabobs which came served on your choice of fresh Pandora bread or Saffron Basmati rice.  The combo platters are also served with a small side of a cucumber salad, grilled tomatoes and a delicious yogurt/cucumber sauce.  The average price for a combo platter is about $15.00.  The portions are large and the quality & quantity of the food is worth the price.  The food is prepared fresh to order and is delivered to the table hot and in a timely manner.  The presentation of the food is very appetizing.  It is a plate full of interesting textures and flavors that you don’t find in the area.  The meat choices for the kabobs consist of chicken, beef or ground beef.  The chicken and beef are seasoned, marinated and then grilled over a fire.  It was tender and delicious. They also offer a vegetarian menu for those who don’t eat meat and a small children’s menu.

The dining room has a miss-matched seating area.  Along the far wall they have booths, tables in the middle with glass tops covering red tablecloths, and a totally different style of tables along the other wall.  The three different seating options feel very old and outdated.  There are some beautiful ethnic decorations around the room that just don’t fit the dining room seating décor.  The only other negative was the cleanliness.  The area where the food is prepared was clean but the dining area was never cleaned in the hour we spent there.  It was very busy at lunch time and patrons including my party had to eat on dirty tables.  There was also a completely full dirty dish cart sitting in the dining area which was unpleasant to look at.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant.   The quality of the food is apparent in the presentation and taste, everything is seasoned perfectly and much thought has gone into preparing their menu items.  I believe they need to step up the customer service and housekeeping.   I personally would continue to eat their food using carryout because the dining experience although very kid friendly is a little uncomfortable.

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August 15, 2011

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