Dairy Queen
2030 Liberty Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410) 549-5500
Hours: Sun-Thur (11am - 10pm) Fri-Sat (11am - 11pm)
Web Site: dairyqueen.com

dairy_queenDairy Queen, usually sought after for their cool ice cream treats, also serves fast food burgers, chicken, fries and more.

Eldersburg’s Dairy Queen is located near Food Lion in the shopping center that houses Smokey’s. They have a drive through, an indoor seating area and an outdoor seating area.

After dinner time, around 7:30 or so, Dairy Queen was a rather busy place. We waited in line for several minutes, which wasn’t a problem as we needed some time to peruse the menu lit up in front of us. The service seemed to be inconsistent. The employee who took our order was short, and rushed, while the employee who handed us our food was energetic and friendly.

Our ice cream was prepared first, forcing us to have dessert before dinner, one disadvantage of ordering ice cream and food at the same time. We had nearly finished our ice cream, a small heath blizzard and a chocolate coated vanilla waffle cone, by the time our “fast” food was finally done.

The ice cream was excellent. Although the McFlurry at McDonalds and the Flurry at Twin Kiss attempt to compete with the Blizzard, nothing is better than the original. The waffle cone was also fresh and the soft serve was as creamy as it could be.

We opted to sit inside, but had a hard time finding a clean table. The one we choose was the cleanest available, finding that it was still rather dirty. It was evident that no one had washed the tables or swept the floor in some time, which definitely detracted from the overall experience at the restaurant. From a dining stand point, it would probably be best to take advantage of their drive thru option.

dairy_queen2The food was actually a pleasant surprise. The fries were delicious; I liked them better than McDonald’s or Burger King for sure. My guest said that the mushroom Swiss burger he ordered was good, but not amazing. He too enjoyed the fries. The chicken strips that I ordered were very good, crispy and perfectly fried and seasoned.

The food was somewhat expensive when compared to other fast food restaurants with a single hamburger topping out over $2 and four chicken strips being around $4. The ice cream is also slightly more expensive than other places around town, but it’s worth the extra few pennies.

Overall, we found that Dairy Queen is not only a place for good ice cream, but also good fast food. Despite this however, the Eldersburg Dairy Queen has sub par service and a dirty seating area, making us for sure choose the drive through the next time around.

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