bagelcafeoutsideBagel Cafe
Oklahoma Center, 1720 Liberty Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410)549-2233
Hours: Mon-Fri (6am - 2pm)
Sat-Sun (7am - 2pm)
Web Site:

Owners – Habib and Kim Rahimi
Manager – Laurie

Located for more than eight (8) years in the heart of Eldersburg opposite from Carrolltown Mall and next to McDonalds, the Bagel Café offers first-class Bagels and exceptional coffee. Eldersburg residents Habib and Kim Rahimi have a college daughter in York and a son attending Liberty High School.

Bagel selection is excellent and includes twenty-fourbagelcafe1 (24) flavors baked fresh every day, all day. Want cream cheese on your Bagel? They have 12 flavors to choose from. Bagels are baked in small batches to maximize the freshness. The Bagel Café acknowledges it is more work but they bake a mix of bagels in small batches so everyone gets a fresh bagel. The menu includes bagels, pastries and even regular traditional breakfast items. Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches are available. Gourmet Coffee and Espresso Drinks, Teas, Smoothies and assorted sodas.

Service is fast and friendly. The business tempo is brisk and everything is very fresh. Bagels are warm from the oven. There is often a line during prime time (from 7:00 – 9:00 AM) but the service is faster than most fast food restaurants. Orders are processed accurately and very fast. Indoor seating is available and comfortable.

Prices are very reasonable especially considering the portion size, the quality, and the service. A bagel with cream cheese will cost you about $2.00. Add a cup of coffee and you will walk away for less that $4.00 total.

Cleanliness is superior, both in front of and behind the counter. The counter team is very careful when preparing your order. Floors, appliances, utensils, counters and the seating area are all clean all of the time.

The Bagel Café is mainly high school and college students living in Eldersburg. Ask the Bagel team what they like most about working at the Bagel Café and they will tell you Mr. Habib and Miss Laurie treat us real well. They work around our school schedules and that’s real important to keep our grades up.

Eldersburg’s Bagel Café is fast becoming a landmark. This is a great place to go for breakfast or just meet your friends for a quick bite. When was the last time you asked for a dozen bagels (or anything) and you got a “Bakers Dozen”.

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