Family Matters
September 2005
Hugh Jensen

Carroll County Times states “A South Carroll man says he has not heard from police officials since he complained about their slow response to his call for help”.

I find it irritating but not surprising that someone would complain about the performance of the Maryland State Police. Harry Warner claims “It was like Keystone Cops out here” when referring to the way the police handled the chase for fugitive Michael Voland. A reasonable person would think that a retired fireman would have a more clear understanding of the demands placed on first responders and specifically police. At a minimum, Mr. Warner should consider bringing his bitterness and venom to the state police privately instead of in the public eye which brings me to my next point.

The Carroll County Times seldom offers positive news about the performance of the State Police but when someone complains, their eagerness to condemn is staggering and there pursuit to condemn is unwavering. Shame on you for this grandiose pandering. Nothing identifies garbage better than a good stink.
As a parent and family man in Eldersburg, I am thrilled with the performance of the State Police in this matter and most other matters.

Perhaps Mr. Warner could spend some of his time working to understand police procedures instead of whining to willing ears at the Times. I am confident that during Mr. Warner’s career with the fire department he experienced the rudeness of the public exacerbated by ignorance of departmental procedures and perhaps some professional courtesy would be in order.

It is shameful that we as a community cast stones at the very people we count on to run in when others are running out. I hope that the Maryland State Police do not spend any time molly coddling this ungrateful citizen as he clambers for notoriety. The priorities for the police are right where they should be and I applaud their efforts.

Critical complaints of people who risk their lives daily for the safety of strangers should not be chastised by the unknowing. Perhaps Mr. Warner could spend some quality time volunteering to work with the police or perhaps he could privately research State Police policies and procedures and recommend changes if he feels strongly. Otherwise he should simply sit down and shut up!
To the members of the Maryland State Police and the other Local Police agencies and their families, please accept our apology for the ignorance of our neighbor. He ain’t got no good learnin.

”Family Man”
Hugh Jensen

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